Our Team


  • Glynn Butterfield Glynn Butterfield is a Video Consultant and Producer on the documentary and campaign. She produced the Program for Infant/Toddler Care video series and has worked with Ron Lally and Peter Mangione since PITC’s inception in 1986. Recently, as part of a team with WestEd, Zero to Three and the University of Cincinnati Glynn completed video development for an online 15-course college degree program on infants and toddlers, soon to be available free to educators on the national ECLKC web site. She received a BA degree in History from Stanford University.
  • Evelina Du Evelina Du is the Director of Operations responsible for the management and oversight of the campaign. She develops processes and sets parameters to ensure that the campaign is operating efficiently and effectively. She brings more than 20 years of experience in the education field to the team, including curriculum and assessment development, research design/implementation, and development of new resources to inform policy and practice. She received a BA in economics with an emphasis on education from UCLA and a MA in international educational administration and policy analysis from Stanford University. She is pursuing an EdD in educational leadership at Mills College.
  • Denise Grosberg Denise Grosberg is the Research Director responsible for research, writing, and content development for the For Our Babies project. She earned her BA degree in women’s studies and psychology from the University of Maryland and a MA in applied developmental psychology at Claremont Graduate University. She currently is working towards her PhD in applied developmental psychology at Claremont Graduate University. She is the Associate Clinical Director of the Claremont Autism Center at Claremont McKenna College and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
  • Jonathan Lemon Jonathan Lemon is the Multimedia Producer responsible for recording and editing media for the campaign podcast. He has been working extensively in multimedia since 1992 and has a BA in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Brighton, England.
  • Katie Ranftle Katie Ranftle is the Social Media Specialist responsible for developing social media content and strategies. Ranftle also serves as editor for numerous projects centered on educational best practices, school reform, and teacher professional development, including Doing What Works and Beyond the Workshop. Ranftle received her BA in English, with a concentration in creative writing, from the University of Toledo and an MA in radio & television from San Francisco State University.
  • Peter Shwartz Peter Shwartz is the Video Producer responsible for filming and editing media for the campaign and documentary. He began working in education programs in 1972 and has designed and taught in-school and after-school reading programs for students of all ages. He has worked with Ron Lally and Peter Mangione on the “Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Foundations,” a dvd series for the California Department of Education which is used in child care training and certificate programs. His company, Dellaruth Video produces video programs with education and social justice themes for teachers, students, and the general public. He received a BA from Brandeis University and a MA from San Francisco State University.
  • Julie Weatherston Julie Weatherston is the Communications Director responsible for arranging speaking engagements, special events and other outreach efforts of the campaign. Julie is also the host of the For Our Babies podcast series and consults on content development for the campaign. She has been a professional in the infant/toddler field for over 20 years. She earned her BA degree in psychology from University of Michigan and a MA in early childhood education from Mills College.