Book Clubs

Book Clubs and Discussion Groups: You’re Invited!

Please join us in reading and discussing J. Ronald Lally’s new book, For Our Babies: Ending the Invisible Neglect of America’s Infants. The book is a call to action to promote healthier development of babies in the U.S.

To Order the Book

Please visit the WestEd bookstore, or find the Kindle edition available on

Download the Free Discussion Guide

You may download the Discussion Guide for free. Please note that the Discussion Guide references the For Our Babies informational flyer page 2 “Get Involved”. The two documents can be used together. Also, this first version of the Discussion Guide is meant to be added to as discussion groups send us feedback with their ideas for additional discussion questions and activities. In other words, this is the seedling of a live document that we hope will grow with input from advocates for babies including you! Email us your ideas and suggestions via

Q & A Sessions with Dr. Lally

The first five book clubs that responded to our call for groups are located in Mountain View, CA, New York, NY, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ and Tuscon, AZ. These five groups will each have their own private Q & A session with Dr. Lally via Skype! Our plan is to host more live Q & A sessions with Dr. Lally, so please write to us at if you want to get your book group involved in these exciting and evolving discussions about For Our Babies: Ending the Invisible Neglect of America’s Infants!

Please send us pictures and stories about your For Our Babies book discussion group! We’ll be collecting pictures and stories (via email to share on our website.