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Podcast: Professional Expectations Without Professional Conditions

In this episode, For Our Babies founder Dr. Ron Lally, from the Center For Child and Family Studies at WestEd, talks with Marcy Whitebook, from the Center for the Study of Childcare Employment at the University of California, Berkeley, about the current state of infant/toddler workforce conditions. Length: 34 min 18 secDownload

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Worthy Work, STILL Unlivable Wages

A new report Worthy Work, STILL Unlivable Wages: The Childhood Workforce 25 Years after the National Child Care Staffing Study by Marcy Whitebook, Deborah Phillips, and Carollee Howes, offers recommendations to reinvigorate a national conversation about the status and working conditions of the early childhood teaching workforce. Worthy Work, STILL Unlivable Wages provides a portrait […]

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News Roundup November 22nd

Pre-natal Exposure to Music Induces Lasting Neural Effects Pre-natal sound exposure is found to induce long-term neural effects in this recent study out of the University of Helsinki, Finland. The study was composed of a learning group and a control group of pregnant women in their last semester, with the learning group listening intensely to […]

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New Research Brief: Investing in Our Future: The Evidence Base on Preschool Education

National legislation on publicly-funded preschool education is the focus of prominent debate for the first time in a generation. A new research brief “Investing in Our Future: The Evidence Base on Preschool Education,” reviews rigorous evidence on why early skills matter, which children benefit from preschool, the short- and long-term effects of preschool programs on […]

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News Roundup: September 20

Safety Alert: The FDA has issued an update to a 2011 warning regarding the link between infant digestive aid “Simply Thick” and the inflammatory intestinal disorder, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in premature infants. While the previous warning related only to infants born before 37 weeks gestation, the FDA now recommends no use of the product with […]

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Podcast: Infant Care in the U.S. – Who Pays the Price for Our Nation’s Poor Quality Care?

Finding affordable high quality infant care in the United States is virtually impossible. Parents are stressed and babies are suffering in poor quality care. Dr. Ron Lally and Julie Weatherston discuss the reality of infant care today in which research says only 10% is considered to be of high quality and over 40% is considered […]

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What Does It Mean to Be a Dad Now? Looking at “The New Dad” Reports

It’s a mother’s job to nurture; a good father just needs to be a good provider. Sound familiar? It’s one of the most common myths of the American family, and in the past it may even have been a mostly true description of how some families functioned. But the world as we were shown it […]

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News Roundup: June 14

We’ve got a lot of wide-ranging news to share with you this week, from an interview with a business owner turned stay-at-home dad to research on how preschool teachers are (or are not) prepared for dealing with young children’s emotional development. But before that, just a reminder to all the dads out there that we’d […]

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Calling All Dads! It’s Time to Share Your Stories

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ll be spending some time next week looking at dads’ experiences in their children’s early years.  You can help us explore the challenges and triumphs of fatherhood by sharing your stories. What kinds of stories? For starters, we’d love to hear about: How you’ve balanced job and family […]

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News Roundup: May 22

Highlighting the Importance Of Focusing on Babies “Once hatched, a duck can quickly go about its business, while a human infant is completely dependent on adult caregivers for about two years…. It is during this period of life that babies shape their brains from learning from others how to operate.” “Few of us pay as […]

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