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Podcast: Professional Expectations Without Professional Conditions

In this episode, For Our Babies founder Dr. Ron Lally, from the Center For Child and Family Studies at WestEd, talks with Marcy Whitebook, from the Center for the Study of Childcare Employment at the University of California, Berkeley, about the current state of infant/toddler workforce conditions. Length: 34 min 18 secDownload

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Podcast: Why Maternity Leave Matters to Health

Sylvia Guendelman, Ph.D. is a professor of Community Health and Human Development and Chair of the Maternal and Child Health Program at the School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley.  Her research interests include: health and social behavior, health policy and management, and maternal & child health. Among her many projects, Sylvia chaired […]

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Podcast: Transforming Communities: Best Babies Zone Initiative

Cheri Pies, MSW DrPH is a Clinical Professor in the School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley. Her research interests include reducing and eliminating health disparities and inequities in birth outcomes through community transformation and the implementation of the Life Course model, the use of incentives in delivery of reproductive health services, and […]

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Podcast: Infant Care in the U.S. – Who Pays the Price for Our Nation’s Poor Quality Care?

Finding affordable high quality infant care in the United States is virtually impossible. Parents are stressed and babies are suffering in poor quality care. Dr. Ron Lally and Julie Weatherston discuss the reality of infant care today in which research says only 10% is considered to be of high quality and over 40% is considered […]

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Podcast: Support for Quality Child Care – Generating Interest in Early Child Care Issues

George Philipp, early care and education advocate and father, talks with Julie Weatherston about building support for early child care issues and the importance of getting parents and all of society to understand the science behind the early years and create “a grassroots buzz” about the issues being addressed by the For Our Babies campaign. […]

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Podcast: Obstacles To Reform – Why Is It So Hard To Get Politicians To Listen?

Julie Weatherston and George Philipp, Early Care Advocate and father, discuss the challenges of getting legislators to support early care and education in the US and the potential benefits to providing more supportive policies for families with infants and toddlers. Length: 5 min 25 sec Download

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Podcast: A Dad’s Perspective

As more fathers become involved as primary caregivers in their children’s early years, it’s important that we examine the assumptions we hold about the role of fathers in a child’s day-to-day care. In this week’s podcast, we listen in as two dads discuss what they’ve experienced as fathers, specifically some of the challenges they face […]

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Sleeping Safe with your Baby – First 5 Santa Clara County Podcast Series

Listen to First 5 Santa Clara’s Hot Topics Podcast on sleeping safe with your baby. 41 healthy infants have died in Santa Clara County from 2005-2011. One of three infants (almost 33%) are dying due to unsafe sleeping habits. Listen to this podcast and learn more about how to practice safe sleeping habits with your […]

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Podcast: The Nurtured Brain

This week, Dr. Ron Lally discusses with Julie Weatherston why attention to babies is a necessity. Dr. Lally focuses specifically on findings from recent brain development research that show when a child is born, his/her brain is not fully formed yet. There is a whole other gestational period that the young child needs so that […]

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Podcast: Quality Infant/Toddler Care

This week, Dr. Lally discusses with Julie Weatherston what we mean when we say “High Quality Care.” Dr. Lally focuses specifically on children’s need to have a close, continuous relationship with a caregiver, and for that caregiver to understand children’s developmental timelines. Length: 5 min 43 sec Download

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