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News Roundup November 22nd

Pre-natal Exposure to Music Induces Lasting Neural Effects Pre-natal sound exposure is found to induce long-term neural effects in this recent study out of the University of Helsinki, Finland. The study was composed of a learning group and a control group of pregnant women in their last semester, with the learning group listening intensely to […]

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News Roundup November 8th

Earliest Marker for Autism Found in Young Infants Autism isn’t usually diagnosed until after age 2. This study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health, was published this month in the journal Nature. It reveals the earliest sign of developing autism ever observed — a steady […]

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FAQ About Brain Development in Early Years

Ever wonder which plays a more important role in brain development, nature (genes) or nurture (environment)? Or how developed is the brain by birth? Or maybe what role parents play in a baby’s brain development? ZERO TO THREE has compiled a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about brain development that provides research-based answers to […]

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News Roundup January 28

Legislation Focusing on the Zero to Three Population Nebraska State Senator John Harms has introduced a bill to the State Legislature to help fund early childhood education programs for at-risk children from zero to three. If it passes, the bill would appropriate $10 million from the state’s general fund each year for 2013-14 and 2014-15 […]

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Three Core Concepts in Early Development

As we think about how to protect children and families, we’d be smart to pay attention to the latest research in early brain development.  A three-part video series from the Center on the Developing Child shows how advances in science now give us a much better understanding of how early experiences are built into our bodies […]

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Why Early Learning Matters

In a fascinating presentation at the Education Nation Summit last fall, Dr. Patricia Kuhl and Dr. Andrew Meltzoff, co-directors of the University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences explain how a child’s formative years impact their academic achievement all the way through college . The video is about 20 minutes long and is […]

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Champions in the Field: Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

Our knowledge about what’s going on in babies’ brains in their earliest days, weeks, and months has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 65 years, and Dr. T. Berry Brazelton has seen it happen. But more than just watching, Dr. Brazelton has been an instrumental force for change in how we understand and […]

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How Do Babies Learn? Exploring the Work of Dr. Alison Gopnik

It’s almost universally recognizable, the wide-eyed, curious gaze of a baby experiencing things for the first time. For babies, everything is new and holding almost infinite possibility, which is one of the things that makes their process of learning how to interact with the world so fascinating. With a background in Psychology and Philosophy, Dr. […]

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Healthy Minds: Nurturing Your Child’s Development from 0 to 2 Months

Zero to Three offers wonderful resources for parents and caregivers including a download of the week. This week’s download “Healthy Minds: Nurturing Your Child’s Development from 0 to 2 Months” provides age-based information that links research on child and brain development to the important ways in which babies grow and learn in months 0 to […]

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Knowing Your Way Around a Baby’s Brain

Can a mother-to-be’s stress impact her baby’s future brain development? Do our brains get more or less active as we get older? What kind of stimuli do babies need in order to build a strong foundation for learning later in life? Knowing the answers to these types of questions makes it that much easier to […]

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