News Roundup

Infants are Capable of Sleeping for Long Periods by 3 Months of Age Using infrared video cameras to make overnight recordings of 101 London infants, researchers at the University of London found that “Infants are capable of resettling themselves back to sleep by three months of age.” Three-month olds fed solely breast milk were as likely to self-resettle or have long sleep bouts as infants that were fed formula or mixed breast and formula milk. Watch video of a baby settling themselves here (fair warning this delightful video could make you sleepy!) and read more about the study here.

Study Finds Emotional Support From Grandparents has a Protective Effect Against Childhood Obesity A new study from Sweden published in the journal Pediatric Obesity has shown that the effects of social support from grandparents could help alleviate stress in parents, allowing them to make better food choices for their small children. Learn more here.

Study Shows Infant Brain Development Occurs Years Much Earlier Than Previously Thought The ability to visually categorize objects, using the right hemisphere of the brain, including the way we perceive faces, is an ability that has been thought to develop as we learn to read. This study from the University of Louvain published in the journal eLife shows that this ability is already highly evolved in babies as young as four months. Find the full study here.

This News Roundup was compiled and co-authored by Jean Kurnik, M.A.

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