It’s Time to Mobile-ize for Babies: Take the Poll & Spread the Word

ZERO TO THREE recently launched the Mobile-ize for Babies Poll, a 3 question poll to gather information on how infant and toddler experts suggest we support young children at the local, state and federal levels. What can best help families of young children? How do people want our elected officials to think about budgets and funding? What community programs should we focus on?

The Mobilize-ize for Babies Poll made a big splash at ZERO TO THREE’s annual National Training Institute (NTI) in Los Angeles, CA.  As participants made their way around the conference center, they used their smartphones to scan the Poll’s QR code to take the poll on their phone.   Live results were broadcast at the conference and on the ZTT Policy Network Facebook page.

You can be a part of the action too!  Just take the poll by going to: Zero To Three Mobile-ize for Babies Poll and then tweet about it using the hashtag #mobilize4babies. We also want the poll to reach far and wide, so share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and forward the poll link to everyone in your friends, family, and professional networks.  We can make a difference and Mobile-ize for Babies!

Blog Post submitted to us by: Kaitlin Fronberg, ZERO TO THREE Policy Intern and Debbie Rappaport, Project Director, ZERO TO THREE Policy Network

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