News Roundup: April 19

  • “None of us lead the lives our appearance suggests.” So says Wendy S. Goffe, a lawyer and mother, in a guest blog written for Goffe discusses how we do a disservice to all mothers and the struggles they face when we begin making assumptions about their circumstances based on superficial observations. [Source]

  • Recognizing that “millions of families can’t afford to use unpaid leave” as provided by the Family Medical Leave Act, President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget includes a $5 million State Paid Leave Fund for the Department of Labor. This dedicated fund would be used to provide technical assistance to states looking to implement paid family leave programs. [Source]

  • April 21-28, 2012 marks the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 19th annual National Infant Immunization Week. Immunization is a critical part of well-baby care, with vaccines now able to protect children from 14 previously common and potentially life-threatening diseases including measles, polio, and even chicken pox. The CDC’s website has information on the importance of vaccines, as well as a partial directory of educational events and immunization clinics taking place across the United States. [Source]

  • School districts in Whitefish, Montana; Louisburg, Kansas; and Northbrook, Illinois all have upcoming developmental screening events for area children scheduled. [Source] [Source] [Source]
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