News Roundup: April 17

Prenatal Care
  • Highlighting the importance of quality prenatal care, the Taylor County (Texas) Child Fatality Review Team found that the majority of reported child deaths within the county in 2010-2011 were related to preterm birth and preventable or treatable diseases and disorders. Dr. Nicole Bullock points out that many women in the area, especially those without insurance, may believe there are no resources available to them. [Source]
Screening and Follow-Up Services
  • The St. Vincent de Paul First Place Family Development Center in Eugene, Oregon provides day-to-day resources for homeless and economically struggling families. While budget cuts last year forced the closure of the center’s daycare/preschool program and put an end to their developmental screenings for children, the organization was recently able to establish a new volunteer-run Parent/Child Playgroup. Organizers hope this new playgroup will be able to help families identify and get treatment for social or educational developmental problems before their children enter school. [Source]

  • Easter Seals’ Make the First Five Count initiative focuses on raising awareness of the importance of early detection of developmental delays and disabilities to give children the best chance of success. As part of this initiative and through the support of a grant from the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, Easter Seals is making the Ages & Stages Questionnaire available to parents for free. The questionnaire is a commonly used screening tool designed to be a quick check of children’s progress toward developmental milestones from birth through age five. Parents who complete the questionnaire online through the Easter Seals website will receive an email with results as evaluated by a child development specialist within two weeks. [Source]
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